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Diary of a Prepress Equipment Technician

Prepress Screen Printer Repair Tips from the field.

Issues Related to Your Frame During Stretching

There are a number of frame issues to keep an eye out for that could cause problems during the stretching process. Knowing what to look for can save both time and money. The solutions are...
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Uneven Emulsion Coating Along an Entire Side of The Screen

Over time the coating machine's carriage mechanisms, responsible for bring in the coating troughs into the screen, will fall out of calibration and need adjustment. Usually, the tell tale sign is a heavy deposit of...
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Prepress Manual Stretchers: Properly Tensioning a Screen

The general operating principle of a mechanical stretching system is four rails each containing individual stretching clamps that move along the rail as the screen is tensioned and the mesh elongates. Adjust the stretching system's...
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Coating Machine and Coating Trough Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance of a coating machine (and troughs for that matter) is a fairly simple and not a very time-consuming task in the grand scheme of things. Obvious, but not always followed, if it's dirty,...
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