Chris Lagoy

Prepress Printer Technician

I started Prepress Resources, Inc. as a premium, hands on prepress/screen making equipment resource. Using Industrial Engineering principles, I excel in all aspect of prepress, equipment sales/service, QC devices, work flow design, replacement parts, and much more.

For my customers, support is more than a slogan. I'm proud to say I've worked with some of the largest companies, some of the smallest start-ups, and virtually all in between. I stock a wide variety of spare parts and if it's not in stock, I know where to get it. I can provide the technical assistance to help solve problems. My Industrial Engineering degree has provided me with a knowledge and practical experience to help you exceed your customers expectations.

I've developed successful, long term relationships with world class suppliers such as Harlacher, Grunig, Saati, Sefar, Kiwo. My customer list has some of the biggest names in their fields. Schilling Graphics, VF Outdoor/Jansport, Kemet, SLD/Adidas, Microscreen, 3M, Transfer Express, Orchid Graphics, Denso, Gemline, etc. I helped design and have installed complete prepress room layouts for all 7 SONY locations in North America.

As of 2018, I've developed 26 years of experience throughout NA in the prepress/screen making field. Prepress Resources, Inc. has been involved in such innovations as multiple screen coating, landscape coatings and large format coatings. I've worked with and have helped develop systems for simultaneous screen stretching, stretching on a bias, room layout design, and turnkey room packages.

Feel free to contact me and see how I can help you.





Experience also includes custom equipment of all types to suit special requirements such as in-line systems, unique frame profiles, and room layout restrictions.

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